Rogue Agent

[Found Poem]

bodies, orifices, fluids


pale washes 

with vivid punctuations


tongues, nipples, cunts, dicks, 

and assholes

anatomies redesigned

limbs amputated, reordered

orifices realigned

scrambled physiological functions

armless, legless women


like damaged classical ruins 

obscene, abject

exuberantly offensive 

Rama’s oversexed


roiled propriety 

and uptight norms

directly challenged 

far-right national politics

Words borrowed from:

Christoffersen, Helga; Gioni, Massimiliano; Lehrer-Graiwer, Sarah; Vergine, Lea; Vo, Danh; Rama, Carol. Carol Rama : antibodies. New York. ISBN 9780915557158. OCLC 993629902.

Artwork: Carol RamaLusinghe (Flattery), 2003, mixed media and engraving on relined paper, 9⅞ x 13¾ inches.

Ex Utero

Found Poem

fourteen goat fetuses

inside plastic bags

artificial amniotic fluid

extra-utero life support

mother goat

pumpless arteriovenous circuit

closed sterile fluid environment

umbilical vascular

blood flow


placental circulation


in a dark, warm room

the sounds of the mother's heart

Words borrowed from:

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Illustration: United States Patent and Trademark Office.