Leatherdale, 4/22/22

Found Poetry

“I lived in leather.”
leather shirts / intrigue
leather pants / unsettled
leather jackets / inspired rumors
formalist beauty / the punk scene
mosh pits / gay discos
contact sheets / postcard lovers
character-study / conviviality
“trash” / “sanctuary”
Mudd Club / shape-shifters 
enigmatic grin / half-finished cigarette
anthropological patina / queer Babylon 
Adivasi tribes / cultural extinction
the rich bohemian world / the dirt pits 
the marginal / dignity 
the best / “the rest…
…dangerously bad.”

Source: Perez, Adam Smith (2022). “The Punk Portraitist of New York’s Underground.” Aperture magazine.

Photo Credit: Marcus Leatherdale. Photo from article in Hello Mr., Issue 6, April 4, 2016 .

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