[Found Poem]

“The Real Estate Show”
a vacant city-owned building

Images courtesy of: https://collaborativeprojects.wordpress.com/the-real-estate-show-was-then-is-now/


35 artists installation “open” for one day: January 1, 1980
padlocked by the police – January 2

Images courtesy of: https://collaborativeprojects.wordpress.com/the-real-estate-show-was-then-is-now/

city workers invaded the space
carted off the work

June 1980 – “The Times Square Show”
an abandoned multistory massage parlor – 44th Street & 7th Ave

Copyright: © 1980 LISA KAHANE, NYC All Rights Reserved

Funky…a happening

a non-stop party 
paintings, film, video, live music performances

the Bronx/downtown
the vandals/the decorators

“New York/New Wave” – February 1981
P.S. 1 – Long Island City

119 artists – curated by Diego Cortez

art hung from floor to ceiling

a coalition of punks, No Wave musicians, painters,
graffiti artists, poets, performers, radical-type forefathers

what’s left when the tide goes out
art based on life and not on art

Kathy Acker, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Henry Chalfant, 
Larry Clark, Jimmy de Sana, Bondi, Fab 5 Freddy, 
Futura 2000, Nan Goldin, Duncan Hannah, Roberto Juarez, 
Lady Pink, Marcus Leatherdale, Arto Lindsay, John Lurie, 
Lydia Lunch, Ann Magnuson, Lee Quiñones, Kiki Smith, 
Steven Sprouse, Harvey Wang…

The age of showmanship and shamanship

new wave of art ready to break
far-off presence – praying for psychic surf daily

art to reach the public
without mediation/practically dangerous

Source: “New York/New Wave” by O’Brien, Glenn. Artforum International; New York Vol. 41, Iss. 7,  (Mar 1, 2003): 108.

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”The Real Estate Show” exhibition at 123 Delancey St. here.
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