Implicit Contract

[Found Poem]

No one can “control” art I do what I can to respect
—People exist in specific Time and space

July 16, 1979
Man is throwing
Molotov cocktail
The Sandinistas at
one of the last
Somoza national guard garrison

The image
—‘Molotov Man” was Pablo Arauz

In this digital age
Images are dislocated

History works against context

Pablo Arauz
—converted to the emblem
Of an abstract riot

Protest the diminishment of
His act of defiance.

Words borrowed from:

Source: Garnett, Joy; Meiselas, Susan (2007). On the Rights of the Molotov Man: Appropriation and the art of context (PDF). Harper’s magazine.

Photo credit: Se llama Pablo Aráuz y vive en Somoto, ubicada a apenas 50 kilómetros de la frontera con Honduras. Fuente: BBC Mundo.

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